Hardware ring accelerates the hardware industry into the era of mobile internet


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Hardware ring accelerates the hardware industry into the era of mobile internet

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2018/09/18 17:26
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The Internet is increasingly affecting all walks of life in society. With the popularity of smartphones and the upgrade of communication bandwidth, the features of mobile Internet are more convenient and convenient. In the past few years, the number of mobile Internet users has exploded. The data shows that in 2014, the number of mobile intelligent terminal users in China has exceeded 1 billion. Huge user traffic means huge business opportunities, and the layout of the mobile terminal is an inevitable choice for all industries. Among them, a large number of platform-level applications have emerged, ranging from Internet giant Ali Baidu Tencent to financial, education, catering and other industries. These products have driven the Internet + of the entire industry and even upstream and downstream industries.

As the first mobile internet platform of China Hardware & Electrical and Chemical Industry Association, the hardware circle is dedicated to assisting hardware companies in brand promotion, marketing planning, business promotion and other activities on the mobile side. This will bring orders to the traditional hardware industry with offline promotion. The eye-catching changes have accelerated the hardware industry into the era of mobile internet.

The hardware ring APP is one of the few mobile phone applications in the hardware industry. It is positioned as a platform for enterprises to serve, assisting transactions between enterprises and enterprises, and making the hardware industry better. As a platform application, hardware ring services include brands, distributors, and buyers in the hardware industry, including manufacturing companies. The characteristics of the mobile phone mobile terminal can make the company's brand display, product information, investment and purchase dynamics and other content convenient and fast to reach the accurate user, or be quickly found by the relevant users to actively contact, plus the instant online communication function provided by the APP, the hardware ring The goal is to help companies improve their contact opportunities with all potential businesses and close deals.

Hardware Circle COO Huang Mingwu said that when companies participate in more business interactions on the platform, the more beneficial for enterprises, the more they will accumulate the goodwill of the company, and the goodwill will generate huge business conversion value, which will bring more A lot of trading opportunities, resulting in a benign business cycle. At present, there are thousands of distributors and brand manufacturers in the hardware circle APP.

Since the launch of the line, the hardware ring APP has received great attention in the hardware industry. The directors of the China Hardware and Electrochemical Industry Association, Zhu Renhe and the Secretary-General Zhou Deyi have been strongly supporting and encouraging at different stages. According to Wang Hui, the person in charge, the hardware circle will plan a series of activities at the 29th China International Hardware Fair hosted by the upcoming China Wujiao Association to assist enterprises in promoting and interacting. It is reported that Dozens of companies have been involved.